Day of Action

About the Day of Student Action for Reproductive Justice

Thursday, Oct 6, 2022

GSAN members and student partners across the United States are organizing peaceouts, rallies, marches, resource fairs, and other events on their campuses on Thursday, October 6th to fight for reproductive justice. SisterSong defined reproductive justice as “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.”

Within the umbrella of reproductive justice, we are organizing specifically around trans rights and the right to decide whether, when, and how to become a parent. Sign up here to get involved in the Day of Action at your school!

Who: U.S.-based graduate, undergraduate, high school, medical, and law students. Student organizers at schools in 20 states have committed to participating so far.

What: A nationwide, single-day student strike and day of student advocacy for reproductive justice. We invite all students in the U.S. to join us in demanding that our governments and educational institutions protect our rights to abortion, contraception, comprehensive sex education, and freedom of gender expression (hormone replacement therapy, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgeries) by not attending classes on Oct 6. Instead, students should spend the day learning about how to access abortion and why abortion and trans rights are essential for diversity and equity. Additionally, students can participate by attending their campus Day of Action event (rallies, resource fairs, fundraisers, marches and more) at participating schools in more than 20 states.

Each institution is encouraged to plan an on-campus rally or resource fair where invited student speakers or tabling clubs provide info on things like how to access abortion; how to access transition-related healthcare; specific legislative measures being considered in your city, county, or state relevant to bodily autonomy; safe sex and consent; digital hygiene for legal safety; and more. Individual institutions can also use the event to help students register to vote and/or request absentee ballots. Participating student organizations are encouraged to write a student petition to demand specific support from their school administrators, such as Plan B vending machines, guaranteed paid parental leave, all-gender restrooms, and funds for hormone therapy.

When: on Thurs, Oct 6, 2022

This date comes after the start of classes for most schools but precedes voter registration deadlines in October so organizers can help register students to vote.

Additionally, Oct 6 is a significant date in the timeline of the Texas SB 8 fetal heartbeat bill (6-week abortion ban) passed in 2021. On October 6, a federal district judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking Texas from enforcing the law. However, the injunction was stayed two days later.

Where: Students at over 30 schools in 20 states across the country (and counting!) will gather at a specific location on their campus determined by the student organizers at their school. Students at schools without campus Day of Action events can participate by staying home, protesting, or doing volunteer reproductive justice advocacy work.

Why: We believe that the best way to make real progressive change is to organize people in the workplace and get them involved in their local and state-level politics. The structure of the Day of Action enables 1) participation in a national movement that demonstrates our collective power, and 2) increased political engagement and effort at the local and state level.

Why Students Are Participating

Read what students said when asked why they are joining the fight:

“Reproductive rights are human rights, and human rights are worth fighting for.”

-Graduate Student in California

“As young people, we have the power to build the future we want to see and it's our responsibility to make the world better for the next generation. That means that everyone has the right to determine their own fate, whatever that may be, and has the right to have their identity respected.”

-High School Student in Texas

“We are a progressive organization and a lot of students within our organization are very passionate about reproductive justice, transgender rights, and overall bodily autonomy. We are joining the student fight because it’s up to us to make the changes we want to see in the world and bodily autonomy in every form is what we want to see.”

-Undergraduate Student in Kentucky

“In our state, access to abortion and gender-affirming healthcare has been under attack for years. A person has the right to do with their body what they choose, no questions, exceptions, or explanations needed. If our legislatures, politicians, and peers will not demand change, students will, as they have for decades.”

-Graduate Student in Arkansas

“In a state like Missouri fighting for abortion rights and trans liberation is an uphill battle. Nevertheless improving the situation somewhat or preventing further deterioration is crucial.”

-Undergraduate Student in Missouri

To destroy capitalism and ensure trans/queer/women comrades have the simple right to exist.

-High School Student in California

Show Support

Before the Day of Action

  • Boost our social media posts (twitter, instagram)! Check out our social media guide for more info!

  • Support GSAN or a Day of Action event near you. If you are willing to donate your labor to support this movement, GSAN is looking for more help from graphic designers, web developers, social media influencers, lawyers, DEI experts, and journalists. Connect with us and describe what you would be willing to help with!

  • If you would like to sign our open letter to President Biden or our open letter to Congress as an individual or representative of an organization, you can do so via this form.

On the Day of Action

  • Do not spend money on any non-essential goods or services for the day, unless you would like to donate to an abortion fund.

  • Write and send postcards to voters in swing states.

  • Write to your state representatives about why it’s important to you that they protect and expand rights to gender-affirming care, abortion, comprehensive sex education, and free contraception.

  • Get registered to vote if you are eligible and you haven’t already!

  • Wear green to show solidarity with people all over the world fighting for abortion rights!

  • Use one of the Zoom backgrounds in our social media kit to show support.


Reproductive Justice

Sister Song defined reproductive justice as “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.” Under the reproductive justice umbrella, we are more specifically organizing around our rights to reproductive healthcare and freedom of gender expression, including trans-inclusive policies and access to gender-affirming care.


"Peaceout" is a synonym of "walkout." Some believe that the word "peaceout" is more inclusive of wheelchair users and other disabled folks with mobility impairments.

Trans Rights

Trans rights include legal and medical rights related to gender expression and identity. These include but are not limited to the right to freedom from harassment and discrimination, the right to accurate medical information, and the right to hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgery. For more information on what trans rights includes, check out Lambda Legal.

Student Strike

Students do not attend classes. We have invited students to stand in solidarity with us by joining our student strike on Oct 6, 2022 and using their time to fight for reproductive justice instead. "Student strike" as we are using it does not include student workers; in other words, we are not encouraging all students in the U.S. to withhold their research and teaching labor. However, some participating organizers are calling for student worker peaceouts at their individual institutions.

Partner Organizations

The logo for Young Democratic Socialists of America: A red square that says "YDSA" in the bottom right corner and has sun rays extending from the text.
The CUNY for Abortion Rights logo: a green bandana that says CUNY for Abortion Rights on a yellow background